About CJ Anderson


C.J. Anderson is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, truth seeker, teacher, and award-winning author. Her “mildly” obsessive personality and profound curiosity for the strange and unusual routinely leads her down rabbit holes. Like Alice, she has discovered that truth is, indeed, often stranger than fiction!

Within her inner world exists a backdrop spray painted with every shade of emotion. Here, a current of frequency flows through the landscape where language and symbols pirouette, then partner up with truth to choreograph a complex universe in which spectacular tales emanate.

C.J. has written three books so far. In 2017, her debut Young Adult novel, Awakened, received the Best in SciFi Award at the Ozarks Indie Bookfest. The second book in her Young Adult series is Illuminated. The third book in the series, Transformed, is currently going through the editing stages and will be published soon. She’s also written a Children’s Book, No More Slime and I Mean It. C.J. lives in the U.S. and is happily married with two children and three grandchildren.